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六一儿童节 2018-04-10

六一儿童节的英文怎么说:Children's Day;Childermas

m5彩票The international children's day of every year is scheduled for June 1。 It is to ensure children in the world the inalienable rights of life the rights of education, custody, in order to improve children's life, to trial against children and poisoning children and the establishment of the festival。At present, many countries in the world will be June 1 children as the festival。


The establishment of international children's day, and take place in a world war ii massacre of a famous relevant,In June 1942, the German fascist shot for the Czech republic's village men over the age of 16 more than 140 citizens and all children, and the women and 90 children and to concentration camps. The village houses, buildings were burned, good carry of the village was destroyed by the nazis. The second world war ii ended, all over the world economic depression, hundreds of thousands of workers unemployed, have a very poor life. Children's situation worse, some have infectious diseases, graduating in die; Some were forced to as a child, and intermittently tortured, life, and life is not guaranteed. In order to mourn for the village and the world's all in war of aggression fascist dead children, in November 1949, the international democratic women's federation directors meeting in Moscow. In order to ensure children in the world the inalienable rights of life, the rights of education, in order to improve children's lives, meeting and for killing village's decision on June when the first day for international children's day. At the time of many countries agreed, especially the socialist countries.